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What We Do And Who We Are?

Mixed Martial Arts is the leading and best-selling sport in the modern world and is progressing leaps and bounds. Like every other nation, Pakistan is also a very rich land for combat sports. Currently Pakistan is World Champion of kabaddi and that backs the statement that Pakistan has a rich culture of combat sports. Also, Pakistan has been home to renowned wrestlers coming from “Desi Akhara”.

Now as the world is changing and going to sports like Boxing and MMA, there was a big need for a platform, a promotion to promote the local talent and to make a name of Pakistan in this industry and for many years Pakistan had been deprived of this facility.

That is where FLOGGER SERIES came into being and it won’t be wrong if you call it as a savior for the sport of MMA in Pakistan. With very limited resources and sponsors, FLOGGER SERIES has been a big success in organizing 4 consecutive successful events, 2 of which were International.

Our office is currently located in Rawalpindi and big names who are currently fighting in World’s Best Promotions have also been a part of FLOGGER SERIES. It’s getting popularity both locally in Pakistan and also in Afghanistan.
Every event is streamed live on Facebook and we are improving continuously in our media sector and soon we will launch our App and also that day is not far when FLOOGER SERIES will be telecast live. Over 200 fighters are part of FLOGGER SERIES.

With every card stacked and the matches delivering up to their hype, FLOGGER SERIES will soon be competing the International Promotions will also be organizing events in every big city of Pakistan InshALLAH. We are not here to take part, we are here to take over.